Welcome to Divide By Maple

Divide By Maple is a site dedicated to bringing you news, editorials, reviews, information and whatever else that can be thought of for gaming, nerd/geek culture and maker/haker culture. It is dedicated to bringing an informed perspective on any of these topics from anywhere and any time. There is no subject under those umbrellas that this site will be afraid to touch. First and foremost this site is about providing you a professional perspective on these topics.

Being a professionally inspired sphere for these topics, Divide By Maple will adhere to three important promises that are made to each every reader of this site.  These promises will be upheld at all times and by any current or future writers and editors. They are as follows:

  1.  The owner and editor-and-chief will be clear in any changes and direction they make Divide By Maple. They will always state the reasons and the intended outcome for the changes that are made to the site.
  2.  Anyone writing for Divide By Maple will strive to be clear in why we choose to write on a subject or topic. If any source compensates us for an article it will be made known. We will also make it clear if anything we write about uses a press copy of anything within the article that discusses it.
  3.  Divide By Maple, and anyone representing the website, will never intentionally alienate or discriminate anyone based on race, gender, sexual preference, income and religion. We will alienate anyone who intentionally seeks to disrupt this.

Three simple but very important promises that anyone with journalistic integrity should adhere to. Divide By Maple will provide you the best content possible while never straying on these core tennants. This is our promise to you, the reader.


Lee Berger aka The Canadian Mathlete
Owner and Editor-in-Chief of Divide By Maple

The Canadian Mathlete

Lee created Divide By Maple as a place where he could provide a deeper perspective on all things gaming, geek and maker. He has nearly two years of experience within Gaming Journalism as a former Community Manager of GuildWars2Hub under TenTonHammer.

His goal with Divide By Maple is to continue to enhance his abilities as a journalist and to have a space where he can write articles where he has no other place for. He is also known as the Canadian Mathlete as a gaming and writing alias.

No. He's not Canadian or any good at math.

You can find his professional journalism history and examples here.