Welcome to Divide By Maple!

Welcome to DivideByMaple!

Today is an exciting day friends, family and strangers.

Today is the day where dividebymaple.com becomes more than a dream in my head and becomes a real thing that I can write about anything and everything. Today I fling the doors wide open to express my opinions, my views and just to cover general news over a large variety of topics. Before I get too much into that I want to say, from the depths my heart, welcome to my site and I hope you find something that strikes your interest.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way we can move onto what Divide By Maple is.

What’s the Deal With the Name?

This site has a strange name as I’m sure you are very aware of. Then again, when you look to see who has authored this post, you’ll start getting the picture a little bit as to what the idea is. I chose the name Divide By Maple to fit along with my Canadian Mathlete alias and also to state something in particular about what this site is about.

There are all sorts of places on the internet to find coverage on your preferred topic. There are personal sites that are meant as a vent for the writer. These sorts of sites talk daily about things that are happening around them and that are immediately important to them. Those sorts of sites are meant to show the reader who that writer really is behind the text. The reader is up to decide if this is something they want to participate in and read.

There are hugely popular sites that have dozens of writers employed to cover all sorts of topics for the means of business. These sites use a writer to provide raw information or to give general viewpoints to the reader. The hope is that the reader finds the raw information to what they need and then can rely on that site to provide more information or that the reader finds the general viewpoint provided by the writer to be relatable and would come back for more of that viewpoint. In this sort of site it is up to the writer to convince the reader that this site is what they want.

So what is Divide By Maple?  Well it is pretty obvious that it isn’t a large site with dozens of writers employed behind it. This site is about providing some raw information and to give my personal viewpoint of that information. The intent is to be somewhere in the middle of the two sites above. I’m not going to write about that today I had a burrito for dinner and then go on and on. What I would write about instead, as an example, is that some study was made that people prefer tacos and why that is a travesty that people can deny how amazing burritos are then provide a picture of me scarfing down a burrito.

That was probably a poor example but I’m sticking with it only because I’m eating a burrito and I wanted to incorporate the topic of a burrito into this article. It will be sort of like that. Don’t worry, I won’t be talking about food on this site.

What is Divide By Maple about?

When I sat down to think about what I wanted to write about I came up with three subjects: Gaming, Geek/Nerd culture and Maker/Hacker culture.  That means that this site will have articles about the latest releases onto PC, reviews on popular nerdcore music artists and possibly even an ongoing log of a project I am doing that incorporates an iPod dock into a super old radio so that others can see how I did it and do it themselves if they want to. The sky is the limit on those three subjects.

It is also important that you know what I want Divide By Maple to do for me. Lately there has been a big discussion about ethics in journalism, particular game journalists by supporters and opponents of #GamerGate. In particular the topics of journalists taking dirty money by advertisers and developers for favorable reviews or that those same journalists were exploiting their readers for their own agenda.

Divide By Maple is intended to be a stepping stone in pursing my desire to be a journalist. Whether it be that I use the site as a portfolio to show my skills in writing and website management or that the site somehow grows to be more than I anticipate. The point is that I will use this site as much as a career tool as much as I use it as an outlet for writing.

Divide By Maple’s Promises to the Reader

I thought long and hard about these promises that I am intending to lay out. It is frightening to dedicate one’s word to something with such an ambiguous future. However I did feel that I did need to dedicate my word and my credibility to this site so that you can come to understand not only how serious I am about this site but also how serious I am about being a journalist.

I, Lee Berger aka The Canadian Mathlete who is administrator, editor-in-chief, owner and currently sole writer of Divide By Maple, promise to each and every one of you readers the following for this website:

  1. I will be clear in any changes and direction I take Divide By Maple. I will always state the reasons and the intended outcome for the changes that I make to the site.
  2. I, and anyone writing for Divide By Maple, will strive to be clear in why we choose to write on a subject or topic. If any source compensates us for an article it will be made known. We will also make it clear if anything we write about uses a press copy of anything within the article that discusses it.
  3. Divide By Maple, and anyone representing the website, will never intentionally alienate or discriminate anyone based on race, gender, sexual preference, income and religion. We will alienate anyone who intentionally seeks to disrupt this.

Now For Credit Where Credit Is Due

Before this article comes to an end I want to thank everyone who has helped me with this site and for helping me take this step in becoming a better journalist. I really can’t thank you all enough and I wish I could do more to show my appreciation than this single paragraph at this time. I owe all of you, who have been hearing my thanks daily ever since I’ve started building this site, a drink and dinner.

Thank you for reading this and I hope you will read more,

Lee Berger aka The Canadian Mathlete