Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is Here and it is Awesome

Rebirth Launches

Edmund McMillen and NICALiS have been building a worthy amount of hype for Binding of Isaac: Rebirth since it was announced practically a year ago. We finally get to see where these guys have wanted to take this game and the story that was left untold.

The original Binding of Isaac was a rogue-like game that featured a young child named Isaac in his journey to evade the wrath of his mother, Satan, God and even himself. Your goal and intention as a character wasn’t apparent to you, the player, until after you’ve completed the game many times and under many different conditions. To make the game exciting for the amount of times you had to complete the game there were a massive amount of different objects, bosses, enemies, levels, mechanics and character to play as.

The amount and depth of the original game pushed the abilities of Flash, which the game was originally developed on, to its absolute limit. Thus came the announcement of Binding of Isaac: Rebirth that promised not only to continue to add all this content and gameplay but also allow the player to see the full story of Isaac. Players were eager to see what this reinvented version of a massive hit could do.

The biggest controversy, outside of what Binding of Isaac is about and what you do as a character, is about the price point of Rebirth. The original Binding of Isaac will cost you about $5 USD right now whereas Rebirth is $15 USD on steam. The people arguing about the price will point out the fact that Rebirth isn’t necessarily an expansion. It picks up right where the original game does and largely uses a lot of the same features as the first game. Even with updated graphics, music, mechanics and all new content some would argue that a discount be offered to people who have purchased the original Isaac.

Rebirth Screenshot

My personal response to this is probably going to be apparent by the title of this article: This game is amazing and you should totally get it if you like the rogue-like genre. To call this game a remake is true, but it doesn’t do it justice. This game is truly everything the original was but better and solidly designed. If you have played the original or if you are just now getting into the game I highly recommend you pick this up and you play the heck out of it as I have.

Just to give you an idea of how much I have enjoyed this game I recently was playing it in order to unlock a certain character. This process involved me not taking any damage for two levels of the game. Getting this character unlocked took me eight or nine hours of solid work and resetting and cursing. I’m fairly certain I invented new curse words. Despite all that, the moment I unlocked that character I felt a true sense of relief and joy come over me. I said I would stop after that to write this article. Some five hours later of grueling punishment I finally put down my controller and started on this article.

I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a real challenge out of their video game. There is no hand holding in this genre and especially not in Rebirth. When you finally overcome a boss or a level you feel like you earned it and that is one of the best feelings in gaming.

If you can’t get it now you will likely be able to get it cheaper for the upcoming Steam Holiday Sales. Add to your wishlist and start bugging friends and family to pick it up for you. You can get it on PC, PS4 and PS Vita through Steam, the Humble Store, or the Play Station Store.